Apart from most products beeing designed by CAD (Computer aided design) anyway,
there are two more main advantages to 3d for industry.
The first beeing presentation and explanation.
Making a movie of a working machine maybe fine but it will never be possible to look within the process.

3d gives that possibility and is able to reduce detailing to the essentials,
making complex processes easely understandable and show parts of the machine that a camera would never reach.

Example: An animation of a large textile machine (Weftdryer) showing how the sensors work within the machine.
It was shown on exhibits wordwide, safed the Company transport of a lot of hardware and got good critics.
The sensors in detail
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Next obvious advantage is, the machine doesnt exist yet.
Example: A friend of mine had this idea of a device fixing torn paperrolls in printig machines.
He asked me to do an animation to transport the idea (the quality is a bit poor but then again i didnt get payed lol)
So i had to think up what it could look like and work, in this low quality its easely visualized within a fiew hours.
Well it transported the idea and the machine is now a prototype beeing tested. (It works different than in the animation but in essential its the same)
The printingmachine
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Another animation done to explain how money can be earned using solar energy.Intresting: it uses a computer generated narrator.
Solar energy
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