All modern buildings are designd using computer.
Not only is one able to visualize the building before its built,
the programms do all the complex strutural calculations and are able to simulate strain on the building eg. wind, earthquakes, and age.

I must admit i dont work for either of those branches.
They use very different software designed for that purpuse.The examples below transport the idea though.

The same goes for interior design.
You can walk through your house before the first brick is set.

Example : Fictional Cityblocks
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To archeology 3d has brougth great advantegas.
Example: Archeologists can reconstruct buidings by analysing the ruins.
With help of 3d they can then demonstrate what the place must have looked like.
The picture below shows a castle that i have reconstructed from an old drawing.
Not for scientific purposes but for a productline.You can download the model here for free.
The animation of it switches through several view modes also showing the developers view.
The castle
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